AXC Silencers

AXC Silencers

AXC Silencers are designed and used with our boxed type fans AX3, AX4 and AX5

Casing: Casings are of pre-galvanised sheet steel either formed and drilled flanges or proprietary flanges with corner clamp fixing.

Splitters: Frames are formed from pregalvanised sheet steel with sound absorbent resin slab in-fill and erosion resistant facing. An impervious moisture resistant lining is available for moist air or critically clean applications. The use of the lining allows the silencer to be low pressure steam cleaned. Splitters are normally vertically mounted

Performance: Data is derived from tests to BS4718- 1971 with measurements of the noise source being taken with and without the silencer in position. The difference between the recorded levels is the static (without airflow) attenuation or insertion loss of silencer.