Cross Talk Attenuators

Cross Talk Attenuators


Attenuators have been designed to reduce noise interference between interconnected Space/Rooms. Airflow/Air-transfer is maintained at relatively low resistance whilst limiting high degree of noise transfer.

Four different styles are offered to suit most common configuration of installations.


  • CAU  : Type CAU commonly used for ceiling to ceiling penetration to   avoid noise interference between interconnected rooms.
  • CAI    : Type CAI designed for in-line duct mounting in a ventilation system or simple room to room wall penetration above    ceiling to isolate sound.
  • CAL   : Type CAL commonly used for air transfer between adjoining areas where the acoustic integrity of a common partition needs to be maintained.
  • CAZ   : Type CAZ can be used for mounting inside wall cavity or in the ceiling cavity.


Casings are manufactured from pre-galvanised sheet steel 1.2mm thick with Acoustic material infill lined with erosion resistance film which is retained and fixed with perforated sheet steel.


Acoustic performance of crosstalk attenuators are derived from tests meeting with requirements of BS4718:1971 and AS1191:1985.